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What’s a chatbot?

It’s a tool to set up a conversation with your audience or customers in a messaging app. You can send them messages and they can answer back. They can also start their own conversation with the chatbot.

The most common apps for which you can build a chatbot are Facebook Messenger and Telegram, but it can be done also on Slack and other messaging apps whose API is open.

How can a chatbot be useful?

For a media organization or for any company devoted to content, a chatbot could be a useful tool to engage (especially but not only) with a younger audience. A chatbot lives in one of the most intimate spaces of a user’s phone: the place where he or she talks to family and friends.

If you set the right tone and you manage to be a relevant and useful voice there, you can establish a relationship and develop trust, one of the most valuable assets now for any company, media or not.

Although every case is different, we can offer our own experience and advice about how to work on the right voice for a chatbot. The retention rate and the response rate are much higher than any other metric we have seen for apps, websites and other more traditional tools.

It is definitely a good way to know your users better. If you offer content adapted to the medium, they are willing to engage in conversation and answer about their interests and preferences. You can serve them better and understand who you are talking to in a more targeted way.

A chatbot is also useful to send live updates to people interested in a particular issue at a particular time. For instance, an election, the Olympics or a music festival. Our own experience with the politics bot show us how effective you could be on election night.

What’s Politibot Platform?

It’s an Content Management System to create chatbots with a friendly interface to manage messages, analytics and feedback. Let’s call it Bot Management System (BMS).

On our platform, the same message can be sent to Facebook Messenger and Telegram without needing to duplicate the process. And you can send different messages to different users according to their interests.

How was it born?

In June 2016 we built a chatbot for the Spanish election and it got almost 9,000 users in the first three weeks. We explained how we did it on this article.

Our team learned a lot back then about the specific challenges that creating a chatbot poses and about how the audience engages with it in a messaging app. The chatbot generated more than 100,000 sessions and delivered the election results to every user in real time.

In order to enable other companies to have their own chatbots and benefit from our experience, we decided to build a chatbot platform. We were selected by Google to get funding to do this as part of Google DNI project to foster innovation in the European media industry.

What’s special about our platform?

It’s easy to use and create conversations. It’s designed by journalists and developers with experience in marketing and we have been using it and tweaking it along the way. In fact we decided to build our own platform because we didn’t find a tool available in the market that was easy to use and flexible enough to fulfill all our needs.

The platform supports conversation through a menu of options but we can also integrate some natural language processing so the chatbot can follow a basic conversation with the user. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration in chatbots is still in an early stage but our platform can prepare a chatbot to understand some key words and give the audience content related to them.

We have also integrated easy-to-use and accurate analytics and personalization tools to know your audience better and to have the ability to send information that is relevant to them.

Who can use the platform?

Actually, anyone interested in engaging with an audience. But we think it’s more useful for media organizations or any company dealing with content.

How much does it cost?

You can use the features of the platform for a fee that would depend on the work or any extra development that the project could require, and a monthly fee. That would include access to the BMS, real time analytics and the ability to send unlimited and personalized messages to your audience through Facebook Messenger and Telegram. We would also explain you how to use the platform and how to develop a voice and strategy on these channels.

If you want to add features, integrate external databases or have a high volume of users or interactions, we can set a special project tailored for your needs.

We are also experts on data visualizations. You can check our work on this link. If you want to enrich the experience of your audience with data, we can also offer you a package that includes a chatbot with live results and several interactives.

How can you contact us?

You can send us an email:

If you want to see how your chatbot could work, check our own at Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

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